Pan Bohong small red clay Xishi (#pot2) that were absent in the past several years now has been restocked with limited amount. Pan Bohong is a highly experienced yixing teapot worker who started working in the former Factory #1 in 1975. 
- 2008 Mengsong Arbor Tree is put on shelf again (same price as a few years ago). 
- $1 puerh/heicha sample of the month will come back soon! 
- For some previously popular and currently discontinued teapots, we found a few more in our storage, including the Di Cao Qing Xishi and the 70ml purple clay fanggu. 
- More wen dan teapots (#pot20) arrived. 
- We have some very unique teapots for sale on ebay (click for ebay page). They have too few copies or single copy so we didn't put them in the webstore. 

 We believe...

We believe tea is a luxury of time, and not necessarily a luxury of money. 

We believe in small business operations in fine tea manufacturing and trading. 

We believe modern communication technology empowers tea drinkers with more easily accessible information (as long as one builds up the intelligence to avoid mis-information), hence make tea purchase less complicated with more choices.  

Gift With Purchase

Free gift with a purchase over $30.

The offer is valid while supplies last. To take this offer, please send us a message before or at your purchase to specify your option.

Option 1: Yixing small teacup, 15-20ml.

Option 2: Environmental friendly shopping bag

Option 3: Puerh needle/knife