About us

We are enthusiastic tea drinkers and students of tea culture. As tea drinkers becoming tea sellers, we have in depth understanding of tea drinkers' expectations and will always strive to provide you with the best options. We carefully taste every incoming tea product and only offer you teas that we truly enjoy.

Our Mission:
We are committed to providing tea drinkers with high quality teas at affordable prices, introducing more Chinese tea varieties to the world and promoting discussions on tea culture.

Our Goals:

  • Maintain and expand our collection of Chinese favorite teas
  • Provide teas that are directly from their producing regions, including Anhui, Fujian, Sichuan, Taiwan, Yunnan, Zhejiang, and more
  • Sourcing teas from healthy ecosystems and teas that are cultivated with environent-friendly methods. 
  • Bridge world-wide tea drinkers to tea producing regions by group-purchase and special orders directly from China
  • Produce, introduce and translate information resources to tea drinker community

Our Business Practice:

  • We source tea directly from their producing regions.
  • We don't spend big money on commercial advertising, hence you are not paying for commercial ads. in your tea price when buying our tea. We give away tea samples and let our tea speak for us. Our free tea samples are frequently distributed in online tea communities, through our blog, among fellow bloggers, by our newsletter, and on our website.
  • We do our best to provide you with the true information about our tea, and are always glad to help you find answers to any tea questions within our capability. Got a question? Ask it here
  • We use the highest quality food safe mylar bags to pack our tea. But we don't use artistically designed packaging materials which cost us, and therefore cost you, more money. It's not our goal to make the best looking store website either. We focus most of our budget on tea and tea only. Therefore you get the best value out of your tea purchases from us.
  • We only carry products that we truly adore. It's not our goal to become a very large store or carry thousands of tea products. We see other tea businesses as potential partners instead of competitors. We believe every excellent tea business should have a unique niche. We strive to excel within our territory, and enjoy partnership with other tea businesses.

What peer tea drinkers say about our tea:
  • Steepsters - probably the largest English language tea drinkers network
            Below is a list of reviews by Steepster users. Some of our teas are not only among the highest ranked teas on Steepser, they also have the most affordable prices among the highest ranked teas. 
  • Teaviews - an independent network of seasoned tea drinkers and tea reviewers
            Below is a list of reviews by Teaviews commentators. 

  • Ratetea.net - a tea rating site that emphasize on precise, truthful and scientific tea information and is open to all tea drinkers to share their tea experience.
            Below is a list of reviews by Ratetea.net users.