Green Tea

Unless otherwise specified, we strongly recommend water temperature Higher Than 180F (85C) for all our green teas. Besides, most of them can handle boiling temperature well, as long as small volume (180ml/6oz.) is used without the vessel being lidded. 

Most of our teas of all categories are pure tea without any additives. Each scented teas is specified with flower or fruit material used. All our scented teas (such as jasmine green tea) are scented with real flowers or fruits, not extracts.

All our Long Jing products are directly from single estates, provided by farmer families or local farmer associations. We only selected products made with authentic Long Jing cultivars (Long Jing Jiu Keng Group or Long Jing #43), not including Wu Niu Zao or other cultivars. (See more information about Long Jing cultivars here. )
2014 green tea will be available in April 2014. Thanks.

Lu An Gua Pian

White Plum Flower Peak

"Mother's Tea"

Pre-Qingming An Ji Bai Cha

Frosty Spring Yunnan Roast Green

Da Fo Long Jing

Semi-wild Huang Shan Mao Feng First Harvest

Pre-Guyu 1400m Huang Shan Mao Feng

Long Jing Village Shi Feng Long jing

Huang Shan Yun Wu

1600m Jiang Xi Tribute Tea

Wild tea Orchid Fairy Twig 900m

Tong Cheng Small Orchid

Yong Xi Huo Qing