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2014 Green Tea Pre-order has started! Please see details here

We have free packs of 2013 green tea (10g-15g packs, depending on availability) as free gift with orders from now till May 2014 (while supplies last). Please drop us a line upon your order to claim the free gift. Teas include:
1400m Huang Shan Mao Feng
750m semi wild Huang Shan Mao Feng
Jiang Xi Tribute Tea
Frosty Spring Yunnan Roasted Green

"What makes the rose so precious is the time you have spent on it..." 
- Le Petit Prince

 We believe...

We believe tea is a luxury of time, and not necessarily a luxury of money. 

We believe in small business operations in tea manufacturing and trading. 

We believe modern communication technology empowers tea drinkers with more easily accessible information, hence make tea purchase less complicated and less expensive.  

Gift With Purchase

Free gift with a purchase over $30.

The offer is valid while supplies last. To take this offer, please send us a message before or at your purchase to specify your option.

Option 1: Yixing small teacup red clay, 15-20ml, made by Feng Xiaoyi, one of our teapot producers.

Option 2: puerh prying knife or needle, various styles but all similar.

Option 3: Yixing teapot maintenance brush (it looks like a medium size painting brush or a make-up brush). 

Option 4: Grocery shopping totes.

(click to see larger image)

About the tote:
Size dimension is 15" x 14" x 4".
Made of canvas cotton. 

*New Section!* Vintage Tea Ware

"The rule of thumb in puerh shopping is sample, sample, sample!"

Let us make sampling easy and affordable for you!

$1 Puerh Sample of the Month

2006 Chang Tai "Seven Star - Alkaid" sheng

A duel between the twins:

2003/2004 Chang Tai "Heng Feng Yuan"

humid-stored vs. dry-stored

How would the same tea tastes like after going through different styles of storage...?
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Probably the best yixing book ever! 

Feature Tea Ware

Cutest Eggplant! Yixing ("said-to-be" 90s) clay fairy pitcher. 
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Petr Novák Tea Ware, get them here!

Feature Teas

Tibetan Hei Cha Ya Xi (Fine Bud) Grade