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2019 Early Spring Harvest Green Tea is Here!

Time window for a good price of 2010 Da Dian Mangfei Arbor Tree Puerh Sheng "5 year anniversary tea", $60 per cake of 357g up till May 5, 2019 
We had samples of this tea sold as $1 samples several years ago. Later we got quite a few inquiries about this tea. But due to moving and transitions of storage places, for a long time we couldn't locate it among our inventory. Now we have this tea available. We will make the price of this tea same as 4-5 years ago ($60 per cake) until December 5. After that, the price of this tea will be adjusted to $99 to reflect today's market price.

"What makes the rose so precious is the time you have spent on it..." 
- Le Petit Prince

 We believe...

We believe tea is a luxury of time, and not necessarily a luxury of money. 

We believe in small business operations in tea manufacturing and trading. 

We believe modern communication technology empowers tea drinkers with more easily accessible information, hence make tea purchase less complicated and less expensive.  

Gift With Purchase

Free gift with a purchase over $30.

The offer is valid while supplies last. To take this offer, please send us a message before or at your purchase to specify your option.

Option 1: Yixing small teacup, 15-20ml.

Option 2: Environmental friendly shopping bag