Each teapot has limited copies or single copy. We will update the web page as frequent as possible. But please forgive us if the teapot you order is out of stock. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

Photos on computer screens inevitably have color bias. We try to minimize the color biases. Meantime, we suggest you to use a calibrated computer screen (preferably not a laptop screen) to view the photos. Most clay colors are their typical colors of their own genre. But Qing Shui Ni and Pin Zi Ni could have slightly different shades of colors within their own genres. 

Please let us know if you would like to see enlarged photo of some teapots. 

Yixing Teapot Purple Clay Wen Dan (Yixing No.1 Factory style), $120. product#pot20

Manager's comments:

Before taking the photos, our photographer used this teapot in the photo for a few tea sessions (something that's usually not allowed and doesn't usually happen). Therefore, the teapot in the photo is not 100% new. You may see some tiny tea stain spots on the enlarged photo. The teapot may have gained some patina too. But since it was used for only a few tea sessions before photography, it does look almost the same as a new teapot. Unless otherwise stated, all the teapots we shipped out are new teapots. 

A few outstanding features of this teapot are:

1. It uses highest kiln temperature possible and the teapot is slightly more high-fired than most other purple clay.  I rinsed a new teapot with cold water and hot water for several times, didn't detect any earth smell on the rinsed teapot, and thought it would be ready for use without further pre-seasoning. 

2. The wide opening and the shape makes it easy to use for all types of teas. 

3. Wen Dan is a grapefruit/pomelo type of citrus fruit from southern China. The teapot is named after the fruit due to its shape. This Wen Dan is a little "fatter" than the  other two Wen Dan styles we have (down this page). 

Yixing Teapot Modern Zhu Ni Shui Ping (Yixing No.1 Factory style), $140. product#xppot3, Sold out. 

Yixing Teapot Di Cao Qing Xi Shi, $120. product#xppot2  (Sold out)

Yixing Teapot Zhu Ni Si Ting, $120. product#fypot3 (sold out)

The original version of zhu ni small fang gu teapot was one of the most popular style of our webstore. It has been discontinued, and there is 1 Si Ting style. Please purchase using the "add to cart" button. 

Please use common caution used for zhu ni, and when using it in a cold weather, pre-heat the teapot with warm water before pouring boiling water into it. 

"Eggplant" Yixing Purple Clay Fairy Pitcher (decanter), "said-to-be" 1990s work, $50, #gnpot1

Enlarged photos can be viewed here

Manager's comments: 

We say it's "said-to-be" 1990s work. It doesn't mean we don't believe it's from 1990s. We are just not sure. As a matter of fact, I can't tell which yixing works are from 1990s or from certain era. It's sometimes easy to tell which ones are NOT from 1990s or certain era, but for most people, there is barely anyway to tell for sure which era a yixing ware is from, unless there is record of its history (e.g. if it's obtained from its creator or long-term collector). 

For following reasons, we think these "eggplants" are very likely 1990s works. 

1. They are made of fairly good clay - but not top grade clay, which is usually used for teapots but rarely for fairy pitchers. The clay texture is already comparable to some very good clay nowadays. This is consistent with the fact that 1990s fair clay is about the quality of today's very good clay.

2. The craftsmanship has a taste of 1990s. By "1990s taste", I mean they are carefully made, yet not meticulously made. The eggplant is in excellent shape, but wasn't made with a perfectionism attitude and wasn't meant to be made as an expensive piece. It was made as a piece of folk art and as a daily utensil, not a piece of academic art.

3. I don't think the creation date of yixing ware matters at all. I see a lovely eggplant, nice clay and good functionality. But I know DOB of a yixing ware matters to many people. Hence there should be some clarification here. 

4. Below is also some "said-to-be" information. We think it makes sense, but have no way to tell for sure how true it is. 

According to the supplier, these eggplants were made by Yixing No.1 Factory's branch factory cooperated by Yixing No.1 Factory and Taiwan Gu Nong Ceramic Arts. Gu Nong Ceramic Arts was one of the first organizations that introduced many high quality yixing wares to Taiwan, and participated in production of many high quality yixing wares. 

5. This fairy pitcher can also be used as a brewing vessel for green tea and red tea with "keep root" brewing method. 

6. The current price is based on the supplying price. Since it's not likely that we could get more supply of these eggplants, the price might be adjusted in the future based on rarity.

Yixing Teapot Purple Clay Fang Gu, $72.99. product# fypot1  (Only 1 left and will discontinue)

Yixing Teapot Red Clay Xi Shi, $115 product# pot2

Pan Bohong is a highly experienced yixing teapot worker who started working in the former Factory #1 in 1975. We don't always have chance to get this teapot style and only got limited amount this time. 

We used to specify this teapot's volume as 110ml as given by the studio. But an actual measurement yield a volume of 80ml. Please plan your tea amount according. 

Yixing Teapot Red Clay Fang Gu, product#pot8 (Currently out of stock) 

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