Shi Feng Long Jing Pre-Order

Shi Feng Long Jing from Long Jing Village, Early Spring 2014 Group Purchase/Pre-order

Be the first to taste this famous Chinese Green Tea of 2014 season!

Why Pre-order?

To get the best combination of quality, price and timing!

In green tea business, storage and transportation contribute significantly to the price that you have to pay. With your pre-orders, we will order based on demands, hence eliminate the risk of overstocking and the extra cost of back-ordering. Therefore we can get high quality tea at the price of Chinese local market, and meantime, minimize international shipping cost.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We know our Chinese producer well and we are confident in the quality of their tea. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase and send it back to us within 10 days after receiving it, we will be glad to take back the tea and give you full refund.

Time line:


100 gram (3.4 oz.) pack: $84

50 gram (1.7 oz.) pack: $48

25 gram (0.9 oz.) pack: $25

* If the pre-order should be interrupter by climate, market fluctuation or other unpredictable factors, participants will get full refund before April 30, 2014. Above are estimated prices. Due to the unpredicatability of Long Jing market price each year, if there is significant price rise, at least one unit (25 g) will be guaranteed for each pre-order buyer at the above-listed price, and buyers could opt to get a full refund for the rest of their orders.