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2010 Dragon Well pre-order period has ended.

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Dragon Well (Long Jing) Green Tea(龍井)Early Spring 2010 Group Purchase/Pre-order

Be the first to taste this famous Chinese Green Tea of 2010 season!

Take pre-order to participate our group purchase of high mountain organic Da Fo Long Jing (Great Buddha Dragonwell, 大佛龍井) directly from Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province, China!

To learn more about Great Buddha Dragonwell - click here to see our blog page

Why Pre-order?

To get the best combination of quality, price and timing!

In green tea business, storage and transportation contribute significantly to the price that you have to pay. With your pre-orders, we will order based on demands, hence eliminate the risk of overstocking and the extra cost of back-ordering. Therefore we can get high quality tea at the price of Chinese local market, and meantime, minimize international shipping cost.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We know our Chinese producer well and we are confident in the quality of their tea. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase and send it back to us within 10 days after receiving it, we will be glad to take back the tea and give you full refund.

Time line:

* This is not the earliest time for low-elevation green tea, but is the earliest time for high mountain organic Dragonwell green tea.


*125 gram (4.5 oz.) pack - $32 plus $5 shipping in US

50 gram (1.7 oz.) pack - $16 plus $5 shipping in US

25 gram (0.9 oz.) pack - $8 plus $5 shipping in US

*125 gram pack came with an elegant metal tea tin. 

Following are (approximate) prices of the same tea in Chinese market last year** :

125 gram pack - $27

50 gram pack - $11

25 gram pack - not available

** This year, due to snow and frost disaster in early March, prices of the same tea is estimated to significantly increase. Since we buy directly from tea plantation and maintain a long-term partnership with them, we experience minimum market impacts.