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Free tea samples to North American tea bloggers

We offer free tea samples without shipping charge to tea bloggers who have tea blogging history of 6 months or longer and maintain a good record of blog entries.

We respect objectiveness of tea tasting. Receivers of our tea samples don't have any obligations pertaining to the free samples. Meanwhile, any comments and feedbacks are always welcome and highly appreciated.

Interested bloggers, please contact us

Current special seasonal offer: Bai Ya Qi Lan Oolong, Tie Guan Yin charcoal roasted, Wuyi Rou Gui, "Affair of Shui Xian and Rou Gui" (a Wuyi Yan Cha), Yunnan Frost Spring Roasted Green, White Plum Peak green tea. 

(You are welcome to ask for other tea samples too.)