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Website-Only Free Samples 

(US and Canada)

Each viewer of our website can get 3 free 4-7g samples from following list. Postage charge is $3 for free sample order (appearing in your shopping cart as $0.01 tea sample + $2.97 s&h). With every of your purchase, you are welcome to choose 3 samples (appearing in your shopping cart as $0.01 each) without additional shipping charge.

This list does not include teas which have very fragile leaves and need special protection in shipping. Please contact us if you would like to sample a tea not included in this list.

We don't spend big money on commercial advertising, hence you are not paying for commercial ads. in your tea price when buying our tea. We give away tea samples and let our tea speak for us. Our free tea samples are frequently distributed in online tea communities, through our blog, among fellow bloggers, by our newsletter, and on this page.

Also temporarily available for sampling (please drop us a line and we will add them in your package):

Huang Jin Gui (Golden Osmanthus) Oolong

2011 Limited Edition Mao Xie

Taiwan Sweet Summer Oolong

Dong Ding Oolong greener style

Cui Yu (Jade) Oolong

Introductory Sample Sets

Taiwan Oolong Competition Winners Sample Set, $12 

product# twcompset1

Including 5 samples (7 gram or 0.25 oz. each). 

2013 Spring Lu Ming Organic Oolong Competition Excellence Grade Winner Tea
2013 Spring Lu Gu Farmers' Association Oolong Competition Dong Ding Oolong 3-Plum-Flower Winner Tea
2013 Spring Dong Ding Oolong traditional medium roast Competition Grade II
2013 Spring Dong Ding Cui Yu (Green Jade) Oolong medium roast Competition Grade II
2012 Winter Dong Ding Jin Xuan Oolong medium roast Competition Grade II

Tie Guan Yin Sample Set, $9.99. 
Each sample is 5-7g in weight.
1. Tie Guan Yin Modern Green Style Grade II
2. Tie Guan Yin Modern Green Style Superior Grade
3. Tie Guan Yin Traditional Green Style 
4. Tie Guan Yin Traditional Charcoal Roast
5. Red Tea Tie Guan Yin 
6. Tie Guan Yin of 5 years of age or above