Premium Collection

Tea products made with the best leaves, in the best tea mountains, and processed by the best Shi Fu. (Shi Fu, meaning experienced, skillful tea workers.) Please click tea names to product page.

2010 Pre-Qingming Xi Hu Long Jing products

The best tea, earliest spring harvest from historic Hangzhou Long Jing production region.

2010 Pre-Qingming Huang Shan Mao Feng (Yellow Mountain Peak) semi-wild 750m (2250ft.) Limited Edition

The most unique Huang Shan Mao Feng of top quality. A taste of Nature!

2010 Pre-Qingming Meng Ding Snow Bud Yellow Tea (out of stock)

The earliest spring harvest from the best tea mountain of Sichuan!

2010 Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea

One of the most precious green teas of China!

Tie Guan Yin traditional charcoal roast Master Grade

The best 2009 roasted Tie Guan Yin that we have come across. Charcoal roasted by Shi Fu of 45 years of experience in tea processing.

2007 Da Hong Pao by Hui Yuan Yan Cha  Factory

The name of Hui Yuan Yan Cha Factory is a symbol of best tea mountain and top quality.

Wuyi Fo Shou (Buddha Hands) manually processed, Master Grade

Made by Luo Shengcai, one of the most respected Wuyi tea artisans.

Da Yu Ling High Mountain Oolong

A most precious tea from Taiwan. Flawless.

Bai Hao Oolong (Oriental Beauty) Superior Grade

A wonder of Nature. The best Oriental Beauty we have seen. Although not a competition tea, its quality is comparable to competition tea.

2004 Xia Guan Jia Ji (Grade I) Tuo Sheng 100g

Xia Guan Tuo is a legend of puerh.

2006 Guan Zi Zai Sheng Puerh Meng Ku Bing Dao Ancient Tree Tea

The new classic of puerh.