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2021 Green Tea Preorder

(All prices are based on 25 g unit unless otherwise stated; all are harvests of first day or first 3 days, with few exceptions as noted. Prices are for pre-order group only.)

Frosty Spring Yunnan Roast Green, 800m elevation, harvested in February 2021 and in transportation. $3.5 for 25g or $6.5 for 50g.

1400m Huang Shan Mao Feng, harvested at the end of March. $11 for 25g or $20 for 50g.

An Ji Bai Cha, harvested in late March. $18.

Lu Shan Yun Wu 300-400m early spring second harvest, harvested in early April. $14

Yong Xi Huo Qing, harvested ~ mid-April $14
semi-wild version of Yong Xi Huo Qing, harvested ~ mid-April $14 (This is similar to the regular Yong Xi Huo Qing, but from tea fields abandoned for 10 years and mixed with natural bushes and woods.)

Shipping charge (first class mail, please contact us for quotes of international priority mail): 
United States: $6
Canada: $20
Other: $24