Procedure & Shipping

We help global buyers buy tea products and other merchandises directly from China. Simply tell us what you would like to buy. We will place the order and arrange the merchandises to be sent to your doorstep as fast as possible.

Steps of buying procedure:
  1. You let us know names of the products you would like to buy (preferably with vendor specified by you)
  2. We estimate the total costs and invoice you
  3. You pay us through paypal
  4. We place the order for you and have the products sent from the vendor to our shipping agent in China, which usually takes 2-7 days
  5. Your order will be shipped to you via EMS, which usually takes 5-10 days
What and where to buy from China?
        If you are experienced in online shopping from China, then simply tell us what and where you would like to buy.
        We will soon provide a list of reputable and reliable tea vendors in China.
        If you know what to buy but are not sure where to buy, we will help you do research and provide market information.

How is your purchase protected?
  1. Confirm with us within 7 days upon receiving your order. If there is any problem, we will communicate with vendors in China to avoid any monetary loss of yours.
  2. When you buy from tea vendors that we approve, we will guarantee your satisfaction with the tea. If you don't like the tea, we will be glad to accept your return within 7 days upon your reception and refund you for it.
What is your cost?
        We charge 10% of the total price of your purchase as service fee (minimum fee $10). For example, if you buy $100 worth of products, your payment will be $110 plus shipping within China from the vendor to our agent (usually $2-6), plus EMS shipping cost from China (read on to see our discounted rate of EMS shipping with 40% off official prices). This service fee will cover all operation costs involved, such as:
  • paypal transaction fee (usually 3%)
  • Chinese bank account or online payment system transaction fee (usually 1%)
  • cost of currency exchange (usually 1-2%)
  • service cost for our Chinese agent, including putting your multiple orders in one EMS package
  • communication with Chinese vendors
Shipping from China to US or Canada (please contact us for a quote of shipping to other countries)
        Carrier: EMS (China Post + USPS or Canadian Post) or DHL (US only)
          Shipping rate after 40% off: First 500g is $22, each additional 500g is $7
          Please see following table for specific cost at each weight level:

 Weight Shipping to US or Canada
 Weight  Shipping to US or Canada
500g    (1.1 lb.)
 $22 6000g (13 lb.)
1000g (2.2 lb.)
 $29 6500g (14.5 lb.)
1500g (3.3 lb.)
 $36 7000g (15.5 lb.)
2000g (4.4 lb.)
 $43 7500g (16.5 lb.)
2500g (5.5 lb.)
 $50 8000g (18 lb.)
3000g (6.6 lb.)
 $57 8500g (19 lb.)
 3500g (7.7 lb.)
 $64 9000g (20 lb.)
 4000g (8.8 lb.)
 $71 9500g (21 lb.)
 4500g (10 lb.)
 $78 10,000g (22.5 lb.)
 5000g (11 lb.)
 $85 10,500g (23.5 lb.)
 5500g (12 lb.)
 $92 11,000g (24.5 lb.)

* This shipping rate table will be updated if there is price change.