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Kamjove Portable Travel Gong Fu Teapot


A: Auto-open lid of sealed design to preserve the original aroma. Innovative/integrative structure. No need to remove the inner pot when you pour the tea from the outer pot.

B: Originally designed, patented press valve water-controlling structure

C: Unique patented double-filter

D: Manually blown heat-resistant glass pot

To make tea in Gong Fu style:

A: Put some tea leaves into the inner pot with teaspoon included in the package

B: Add boiled water into the inner pot and lid it (Press the front of the lid slightly to lock it position)

C: At the end of an infusion (30 seconds for most oolong, 15 seconds for most puerh, subjected to adjustment based on tea leaf/water ratio), press the red button on the top to release tea liquor into the outer pot

D: No need to remove the inner pot. You can pour the tea into a cup for drinking

To remove the inner pot:

Grab the upper rim of the inner pot and rotate anticlockwise to disassemble. Assemble it in opposite direction.