2010 Green Tea Gift with Purchase

To prepare for the arrival of a lot of 2011 new green tea, we are giving away some well-preserved 2010 green tea as gift with purchase. Offer of each gift is valid while the tea is available.

There are two gifts for every order (regardless order size, free sample orders are excluded). There are four gifts with every order over $20.

Amount is limited. We will update the list frequently. But please forgive us if your gift of choice runs out of stock. Please leave us a message before or upon your purchase to indicate what you would like to choose.

1. 2010 Tai Ping Hou Kui (7g)

2. 2010 Meng Ding Yellow Bud (7g)

3. 2010 Pre-Guyu Huang Shan Mao Feng (7g)

4. 2010 Pre-Qingming Weng Jia Shan Shi Feng Long Jing (7g)

5. 2010 Pre-Qingming 800m High Mountain Long Jing (7g)

6. 2010 Tong Cheng Small Orchid green tea (7g)